EHF Memoirs


Memories of the Past to help build the actions of the present…

European Headache Federation has catalogued its 20-year history from its founding in Venice in April, 1991 through to its present position as a leading scientific organization in the area of headache.

The book, titled EHF Memoirs Amarcord, traces the history of the EHF and its presidents; describes EHF Conferences from the founding one held in Bremen in 1992, which also led to the Bremen Declaration; and highlights other EHF activities and milestones such as the 1st Russian Headache Conference in 2007. The book also details the EHF-run Headache Schools from the first held in Antalya in 1992 through to the introduction of the modern Headache Video Schools of the past two years.

We hope that this book will provide a colorful and informative annual record of the many activities undertaken by the EHF and of those who help achieve its objectives ─ to increase the knowledge and awareness of headache in medical circles and public opinion.

Any additional articles and photos are warmly welcomed and should be sent to the EHF Administrative office at (by email only).