36th SISC National Congress. Management of the Headache Patient: new Horizons and new Challenges

The 36th National Congress of the Italian Society for the Study of Headaches (SISC) will be a renewed opportunity for professional updating and discussion among experts from all disciplines involved in the headaches field. The updates will cover the various aspects of this disorder, from pharmacological to non-pharmacological, and from preclinical models to the pathophysiology of primary and secondary headaches, including those caused or aggravated by SARS-COV 19 infection or headaches related to vaccination. Particular attention will be given to the mechanisms of transformation from episodic to chronic forms, to bidirectional comorbidity and to headaches in the developmental age, very often a preview of what will happen in the adult headache. Also this year, thanks to the forthcoming commercialization of new molecules, we will discuss the latest clinical trials and real-life data concerning monoclonal antibodies versus CGRP and the latest news relating to the treatment of migraine attack with small CGRP receptor anti-molecules, called gepants, and with 5-HT1F receptor agonists, called ditans. Furthermore, this year we will talk about prevention and research in the field of public health with representatives of the institutions, in order to promote the identification of care networks and therapeutic diagnostic paths, aimed to facilitate the management and addressing of the patient towards a more certain diagnosis and a more effective treatment. In the wake of a decades-long tradition, the Congress, which reflects the founding principles of SISC, will also maintain this year its strong multidisciplinarity profile and characterization. It is our firm belief that the inspiration derived from this principle benefits a much broader and in-depth knowledge in headache disorders, also by opening more fronts of attack with the ultimate aim of improving the patient's quality of life.

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