Headache awareness week

Migraine - Friendly hospitals meeting

We´re pleased to launch the Headache Awareness Week - Headache Week Action, occurring from March 17th to March 24th, 2024, a global coalition of leading healthcare organizations including the Lifting the Burden (LTB), International Headache Society (IHS), European Headache Federation (EHF), European Migraine & Headache Alliance (EMHA), Global Migraine & Pain Summit (GMPS), and other local stakeholders. As a first act, we are also proud to launch the #MigraineFriendlyHospitals campaign.

This initiative aims to educate healthcare workers, promote empathy, and enhance understanding of patients' experiences with migraines. Key Messages: - "Empathy Heals: Compassion in Healthcare Makes All the Difference!" - "Knowledge is Power: Educating Healthcare Workers to Better Serve Migraine Patients." - "Together, We Can Conquer Migraine: Building a Supportive Community for Patients and Providers." - "Every Migraine Story Matters: Let's Listen, Learn, and Heal Together."

As part of the Headache Week Action, hospitals worldwide will organize Migraine-Friendly Hospital training programs, facilitated by member physicians of the coalition. These initiatives will equip healthcare facilities with the necessary tools and knowledge to provide optimal care for migraine patients. Join us in supporting this critical initiative during Headache Week Action and help us build a more compassionate and migraine-friendly healthcare system for all.

Mario Peres, President-elect

International Headache Society - IHS

Derya Uludüz, Chair

Lifting the Burden - LTB

Elena Ruiz de la Torre, Executive Director

European Migraine and Headache Alliance – EMHA

Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, President

European Headache Federation - EHF

Aynur Özge, President Global Migraine and Pain Summit - GMPS

For more info, please visit:, or email Prof. Derya Uludüz